Building our Rugged Portable Computer System

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Attaching the Wires
Power Supply Case
Test Fit
Load Testing +12 Volts with and old disk drive
Load Testing +5 Volts with a 1 Ohm load resistor
Mounting the Magnetics
More Load Testing.
Unfortunately, I do not have a working ATX motherboard and RAM to check the supply on yet, but that is forth comming.
I broke down
and bought a Packard Bell ATX Motherboard complete with MII 300 processor. Turns out the supply I cut the connector from had a white power good wire and brown -12 Volts. After fixing this cross wire, the board posted no problems.
This board has integrated video and sound and draws about 4 Amps
I'm guessing the complete system will draw about 6 Amps.
Here we've added a power switch and most important, a fuse.
Here's how it looks from the back.
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