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Get On My Motorcycle and Ride

( 2005 Walter Farmer)
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Verse 1

Another boring day in this dead end 9 to 5
Boss is yellin' somethin' at me 'bout the time that I arrive
He really didn't care about the traffic that I fought
Wish I could drag his ass out to the parking lot
I think about my family
And I let it slide
Get on my motorcycle and ride

Verse 2

A motorcycle cop almost pushed me across the line
Askin' me if I could read a speed limit sign
Hidin' in his trap like a squiggly little viper
I was ridin' this machine when he was shittin' in his diaper
But I take the ticket
swallow my pride
Get on my motorcycle and ride


Don't need no stinkin' pills whenever I get stressed
Don't need no therapy whenever I'm depressed
Don't need no vacation' or chemical escape
Pack up my saddle bag
Brush my cares aside
Get on my motorcycle and ride

Verse 3
When I get to heaven don't hand me no wings
Don't hand me no long white robes or fancy frilly things
If that's not an option then I'll take the stairs below
I'm sure the devil has all that I need in his abode
Find a myself a highway
Stretched across the sky
Get on my motorcycle and ride

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