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Day Dreamin' a You

( 2000 Walter Farmer)
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Each day as I leave for work
Can't help but think of you
And although at times it leads to trouble
A daydream will have to do

Another normal nine to five
Your picture on my desk
Takes me back to summertime
Walks so picturesque
My daydream shatters suddenly
When someone shouts my name
Boss mans yellin' something at me
And I guess I am to blame
But I know that he would understand
He'd change his point of view
If he only knew how good it feels
day dreamin' a you

I wind my way through city streets
Traffic such a bear
I think of warm Sonora nights
And the good times we had there
My happy thoughts are shattered
By the sound of honkin' horns
Schreechin' tires race around me
Curse the day I's born
But I know that they would understand
They'd change their point of view
If they only knew how good it feels
day dreamin' a you

When I finally reach my destination
And I'm once again with you
Makes me feel so good inside
Like a daydream comin' true
Folks who think me foolish
to dream the way I do
Couldn't know how good it feels
Day dreamin' a you

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