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Mexican Poppy Flower
The Patagonia Mountains
Fog and Hoodoos in the Santa Catalina Mountains
Yellow Flowers in Marshall Gulch
The Grand Canyon
Sierrita Sunset
Nest in Sahuaro
Canelo Sunrise
Yellow Flowers in the Tucson Mountains
A beautiful Sunset on the Baboquivari Mountains .
The Sonoran Desert.
Another beautiful Sunset at Rocky Point.
A sea anemone at Rocky Point.
Another sea anemone at Rocky Point.
A beautiful Sunrise over the mountains of Central Arizona.
A beautiful Sunset on the Sea of Cortez.
Leaves in a pool in Marshal Gultch.
A beautiful Fall day in Madera Canyon.
Fall Colors in Marshal Gultch.
Another beautiful Sunset on the Sea of Cortez.
A Yucca in bloom in Madera Canyon.
August greenery near Arivaca.
A beautiful flower caught on Mt. Lemon.
A beautiful Barrel Cactus flower near Arivaca.
Another nice yellow Bloom near Arivaca
A cactus flower.
A Fried Egg (in the poppy family).
A beautiful red flower caught near Helvetia.
A nice sahuaro in the Tucson Mountains.
A nice yellow Bloom in Madera Canyon.
Cactus Flowers in Tohono Chul Park.
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