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Episode 10 Hiking in French Joe Canyon
Episode 9 Cretaceous rocks along the Arizona Trail South of Sahuarita Road
Episode 8 - Paleozoic Outcrops along the Arizona Trail West of Canelo Pass
Episode 7 - Tucson Mountains, Yetman Trail.
Episode 6 - Tucson Mountains, Snyder Hill.
Episode 5 - Paleozoic Outcrops along the Arizona Trail near Colossal Cave.
Episode 4 - Mural Limestone on the west slope of the Huachuca Mountains
Episode 3 - Messy Mesozoic
Episode 2 - Paleozoic Wonderland
Episode 1 - Back In time
Cactus Flowers 5
Cactus Flowers 4
Cactus Flowers 3
Cactus Flowers 2
Cactus Flowers
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