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Bivalves in cretaceous Mural Limestone Huachuca Mountains
Fossils in Colina Limestone Canelo Hills
Cretaceous Treerings
Mural Limestone in the Huachuca Mountains
Pennsylvanian Fossils
Early Cretaceous Bivalve Packstone in the Shellenberger Canyon Formation
Pennsylvanian Fosslils from the Horquilla Limestone in the Waterman Mountians
Cambrian Fossils from the Abrigo Limestone Johnny Lyon Hills.
Worm Tubes on Cretaceous Bivalve
Bivalves and Gastropods from the Amole Arkose Tucson Mountains.
Cambrian Fossils from the Abrigo Limestone Canelo Hills.
Permian Lophophorates
Permian Seafloor Preserved in Kaibab Limestone in the Grand Canyon
Assorted Corals in Devonian Martin Limestone
Echinoids in Colina Limestone Canelo Hills
Echinoids in Colina Limestone Whetstone Mountains
Bivalves in Cretaceous Limestone
Micro Echinoids in Escabrosa Limestone
Rugose and Other Corals in Escabrosa Limestone
Permian Echinoids in the Earp Formation
Permian Lophophorates in Concha Limestone
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