Re-Capping a Shuttle Spacewalker Motherboard

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My Soldering Iron
This Blunt/burnt tip would never do. I had to grind it down to a fine point to prevent heating multiple solder joints on the board.
Soldering Iron overhaul
Iron all fixed up
Marking the Negative lead on each defective cap.
Since this was all through-away hardware
and we were attempting to make something out of nothing, we went against the advice of professionals and salvaged our replacement caps from this old Socket 7 motherboard.
Here is one of the defective parts.
We're going against professional advice and replacing these 1200 uF 6.3 V caps with used 1000 uF 10 Volt caps. We removed the caps by heating one lead and rocking the cap to pull the lead out. Then switch to the other lead and do the same thing. We were able to install the used caps by reversing this operation.
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