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We decided to have a look at some of the numerous Cretaceous sediments that occur throughout Southern Arizona. We settled on a small strip of Fort Crittenden formation near Sonoita. We have read that Plant material and vertabrate fossils occur in various beds. We were able to find copious amounts of Petrified wood, and a few other nice pieces. You can find the details Here

We found a nice PDF file describing the Geology of the Tucson Mountains. This was put out by Sahuaro National Park. Of course if you really want to know about the Tucson Mountains, This book by David A. Kring tells the whole story.
We have had our own Thoery posted for a few years now.
As is usually the case, we have made a few stops at Snyder Hill (in the Tucson Mountains), and photographed a few more interesting Brachiopods and Crinoid Stems.

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