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We spent January and February looking through outcrops in the Tucson Mountains. We encountered some nice Brachiopods and Rugose Corals in an outcrop of Pennsylvanian Horquilla Limstone in the North end of the range.

We also looked through some outcrops of late Cretaceous Amole Arkose on the south end of the range and found some nice Plant material, and a nice piece of petrified wood with an interesting trace fossil.

We added a nice panorama of the Patagonia mountains to our geology page. This view is looking Southeast toward the Huachuca mountains. YOu can find the full image here. YOu should be able to mouse over the image for more details.

Many thanks to Thanks to Dr. John R. Anderson, II for helping us identify the Pennsylvanian Gastropods we encountered in the Vail area in December. His expertise in Pennsylvanian Gastropods is truly amazing. Another thanks for pointing out the error we made calling the Fusulinid fauna “featureless Brachiopods". I never would have imagined a single celled creature growing to such an extreme size.

We would also like to thank the folks at the Fountain of Life Children's Ministries for allowing us to "show off" our stuff.

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