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The weather has kept us inside for most of 2005. We're starting to venture out now that things are starting to dry out. We'll be returning to the Sonoita area to continue our study of the fossiliferous layers that occur at the base of the Earp formation in that area. We should be visiting some new sites this spring and summer as well.

ON a recent trip to the Patagonia area, we encountered a few nice Calcite Crystals, and a geode. We also did a re-take on some evaporite deposits on a Canyon wall.

On our map links page we've added two additional links: One to PENNSYLVANIAN AND PERMIAN GEOLOGY OF ARIZONA an interesting document describing rocks of that age in Arizona. The other link is to Geology of Southeastern Arizona. This is a wonderful resource maintained by Roger Weller, a Geology instructor at Cochise College. You'll find links to images and maps of various formations and mountain ranges in Southern Arizona.

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