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It's hard to believe we have not sent out a news letter since October.... We've made several trips to the Tucson Mountains, and the Vail area, looking over places that will very soon be too hot to step foot on during daylight hours. In the Vail Area we discovered a nice community or Solitary corals and a couple more very large Fusinilids.

In the Tucson Mountains we photographed a typical assemblage of Pennsylvanian and Permian Invertebrates, along with some Cretaceous Bivalves and Petrified Wood from the Amole Arkose.

We updated our Fossil Identification page to include a wide assortment of images of typical Southern Arizona Fossils.

More recently we visited some Pennsylvanian/Permian outcrops on the Eastern Slopes of the Santa Rita Mountains. Here again we found a nice assemblage of Late Paleozoic Invertebrates including this nice Gastropod.

March was a very busy month for the site, as we had more than seventy thousand server requests, with more than twelve-thousand page views. The site has grown to over 300 individual html pages, and more than a thousand images. You can view our Statistics here.

If you have not checked out our Message Boards, you have missed out on a lot of the latest news articles on Fossils and Paleontology.

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