Replacing the crankshaft angle sensor on a 2002 KIA sedona

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The crank angle sensor is located on the front of the engine underneath the plastic timing belt cover. This job took about 6 hours with three hours spent loosening the Crankshaft Pulley Bolt.
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Remove the tire and inner fender skirts
The fasteners that look like phillips head screws are actually little plastic "A-Hole" clamps that have to be pryed out with a screwdriver. There is one underneath as well.
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Remove the Belts
Loosen the bolts that hold the tensioners and the loosen the adjustment screws.
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Remove the Crankshaft Pulley
This is where things went sour for me. I could not get the bolt to loosen. I called the KIA dealer in town to make sure the bolt was a "left to loosen" right hand thread, and then devised a setup to put more torque on the bolt.
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My Crankshaft Pulley Removal Setup
I stuck two large drill bits into the holes in the front of the pulley, and tied them to the frame to prevent the pulley from turning. I put all the force I could on the break-over bar, and the bolt finally came loose. It took close to three hours to get one bolt out....#$@%^%$#&*&^
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Change the Sensor
I never figured out how to get the timing belt cover off. I just pryed it back a bit and was able to get in with a 1/4 inch ratchet and 10 mm socket and change out the sensor. It's a fairly easy job at this point, just two bolts. One of them is close to the timing belt which makes for a bit of a headache. If you have a deep thinwall socket it would work better.
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All Better
Re-assembly is basically reverse order. No real issues here.
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