Our Rugged Portable Field Research Computer System

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Additional Notes Concerning our Rmote Portable Computer System or RPCS1
The Power Supply was constrcted from common and throw-away parts. Although it works quite well, its efficiany runs somehwhere between 70 to 75 percent. Addequate heat sinking on all power components is a must. The unit will boot and operate under a wide range of input voltages, and survives engine cranking.
We chose a CRT monitor for both cost and reliablity. The downside is that a small CRT draws about 150 Watts at power-up, and 60 - 75 Watts thereafter. This is considerably higher then an equivallent LCD display. The two-hunderd Watt inverter fails to power the CRT from time to time, and must be reset. A 250 Watt inverter would have been more suitable for this application.
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