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Inclement weather has put a damper on our fossil expeditions for most of July and August. July was the hottest month on record, and August has been a month of severe weather. We snapped this picture on a recent expedition. We emailed it to KOLD news 13 in Tucson, and they used it as a cover for This Story.....Pretty Cool.

We did encounter a few fossils in Paleozoic Limestone on this trip, but the tornado, and this Rattle Snake were much more interesting.

We have added a Mesozoic Formations Page. Just click the Sorted by Formation link on the home page to get there. We'll be visiting the Amole Arkose when the weather permits, to look over some ancient Cretaceous lakebed deposits.

We received this email from the Tucson Children's Museum.

"Dear Mr. Farmer, I just wanted to let you know (if you hadn't seen it) that we are running a public service television advertisement right now that includes a shot of kids using the exhibit you designed for us. It's a great exhibit, and we appreciate your work.

Thanks very much,
(Name Removed).,
Tucson Children's Museum"

Our thanks to the Tucson Children's Museum for providing us the opportunity to inspire the next generation.

If you have been to our Message Boards then this is old news.... A Revueltosaurus skeleton unearthed at the Petrified Forest In Northern Arizona has caused a stir among paleontologists.

If you have not check out our Message Boards, you have missed out on a lot of the latest news articles on Fossils and Paleontology.

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