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Southern Arizona Fossils
Wednesday, 4 July 2012
Mid year update.....

Wow, nearly six months since the last enrtry? Times sure fun when your having flys.  We've been out on several trips since the last update, the most noteable was a two day excursion through the Chiricauha Mountains. A lot of this range has burned over the past few years, but there are still plenty of nice areas in this secluded sky island. We set off to find the ammonites reported from the area by several paleontolgists. After a few hours of searching we were able to locate a nice outcrop with a nearly complete mold in the float surrounding the outcrop.

We also made an afternoon trip to the waterman mountains to photograph the late paleozoic section exposed there. We found a few late paleozoic corals exposed in the Concha limestone there, but nothing Earth shattering.
Happy trails,


Posted by saffossils at 10:37 AM MDT

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